Spinal Injuries

You can’t take spinal injuries very lightly because to put it simply, they can cause permanent disability or even death. That is why if such injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence, then you have to seriously consider filing for a spinal injury claim.

You can use the compensation for many things:

  • Make your finances stable
  • Pay for health care
  • Supplement loss of income
  • Compensate for lost opportunities
  • Recover medical costs

How Soon Can You Do It?

In the UK, the prescription period is 3 years. This means that within that period, you should be able to process your claim or file for compensation. Now the three years can begin from the date of the accident or the date of the knowledge. The latter is the exact time you discovered that the health issues you are experiencing right now are related to the accident. If, unfortunately, you died of such injuries but your family later knew about the real cause, they can file a claim on your behalf, from the date of death (or when they knew about actual cause).

The law made it as such because sometimes the serious health consequences do not occur until later. You may have slipped off the floor, but then you got up and thought nothing of it. After a year, you started feeling intense back pains, which can already be a sign of spinal injury. Nevertheless, once you get the diagnosis, make it a point to talk to a solicitor. This way, he may immediately assess the case and start the filing as soon as possible.

Who Should Be Liable?

Liability is an important ingredient when you are filing for compensation. Someone has to pay for the damages and even legal fees. However, determining who is liable can be pretty tricky. For example, when you ski in the mountains, met an accident, and injured your spine, who should pay for the claim? Is it the resort or the rental facility? It depends. If the main issue is the ground, then most likely you bring your issue to the resort. If it stems from a faulty equipment, you file a claim against the rental facility.

Through a series of questions, an expert solicitor will be able to assist you in determining the actual person or party liable for the injury. This is especially important since a wrong party means a potentially lost case.

What If It Happens Outside UK?

Another reason why you should deal with a solicitor in spinal injury claims is because it is possible that the accident happened outside the United Kingdom. Can you still pursue it? Many things can affect the decision. First, if it was on a holiday, was the package bought while still in the UK? Were you an independent traveller? Existing country and state laws can also have a major impact in your ability of filing a case.

Fortunately, you do not have to be worried about approaching a solicitor, since many can now offer free initial consultations.