Scaffold Accidents

Scaffolding is designed to make building work safer and easier, however if it is not erected properly, if can become a danger to both those working on or around it and possibly to the general public. In the 2012/2013 period alone, there were over 270 significant scaffolding accidents reported in the United Kingdom (accidents where the victim’s recovery took more than 7 days), including one reported scaffolding-related death. If you have been injured in an accident involving scaffolding, then you may be eligible to make a scaffolding accident claim.

Regulations And A Duty Of Care

Anyone who is erecting scaffolding in the United Kingdom is bound by Health and Safety regulations. These regulations include carrying out full risk assessments on the area in which scaffolding is due to be erected, proper training for those who are erecting and dismantling the scaffolding, and regular maintenance of the equipment, so that faulty components will be spotted as soon as possible. If an individual or business does not adhere to these regulations, they are considered to have engaged in negligent behaviour. Victims of scaffolding accidents which occur because of negligent behaviour are welcome to make a scaffolding accident claim.

Employers also have an additional duty of care to their employees to provide them with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) when they are working with or around scaffolding. If an employer fails to provide the correct PPE for employees, this is also considered to be negligent behaviour.

What Types Of Accidents Are Eligible For A Scaffolding Accident Claim?

There are lots of different types of accidents which are classified under the umbrella term of “scaffolding accident”. Whilst falling from scaffolding is the most obvious type of accident where spinal injuries and other serious injuries are likely to occur, there are many other types of accident which may be considered. For example, if you were hurt by falling scaffolding, which had not been erected properly, then you would be eligible to make a claim. Likewise, if you were injured by something else (tools etc) which had fallen from the scaffolding, you may also be entitled to make a claim.

In the past, people have also made claims for serious lacerations which occurred from working with unsafe scaffolding. When equipment gets damaged, it can become sharp enough to rip through PPE and cause deep cuts to the victim. This danger should be picked up at regular equipment maintenance checks. What is more, it is likely that this sort of equipment damage will have developed rust, meaning that any cuts received could lead to potentially fatal blood poisoning.

Making A Scaffolding Accident Claim

If you want to make a scaffold accident claim, you should get in contact with a solicitor or claims advisor who can help to lead the claim on your behalf. If you have been injured by scaffolding at work, it is important that you report the injury to your employer straight away, as their accident log book will provide vital information to support your claim. Always keep hold of any documentation relating to your claim, especially if you have been seen a reduction in your earnings because of the injury.

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